Your Prescription for a Smart Receiver

SmartRX Family of software/firmware packages

FPGA Cores and Software

TriaSys has extensive experience designing real-time signal channelizers and new energy alarm algorithms for a variety of applications

Other modules include digital up and down converters, delay memory management units, modulators, and demodulators

Modulation Recognizer (ModRec)

Based on the mature Automatic Detection (AD) module of TriaSys’ SignalWorks software

Recognition modules for analog signal discrimination and classification and various cellular communications standards



HW agnostic embedded cores

  • Move the processing closer to the sensor to increase the information content transmitted down the pipe
  • Combine RF receiver with TriaSys IP cores
  • Use IP cores based on existing or custom designs
  • Allows OEMs to create their own smart receiver packages
  • V1.0 includes scalable channelized and high speed energy detection