EW/Electronic Support

Tactical electronic support for modern signals


  • Portable PC with 3U cPCI chassis
  • 20 - 3000MHz frequency operation
  • Up to 150 hours storage of digitized narrowband data (1.25 MHz max. BW)
  • Tunable DDC output for signal recording and/or monitoring/demodulation
  • High Speed A/D Input card with on-board FPGA
  • Processing Modules for automatic detec- tion and processing of PMR, LRCT (HPCP), cellular, etc.



HW agnostic embedded cores

  • Move the processing closer to the sensor to increase the information content transmitted down the pipe
  • Combine RF receiver with TriaSys IP cores
  • Use IP cores based on existing or custom designs
  • Allows OEMs to create their own smart receiver packages
  • V1.0 includes scalable channelized and high speed energy detection