Arbitrary Waveform RF Signal Generator with Collection, Analysis, and Synthesis Capability

  • Wideband signal generation: Up to 100 MHz (210 MHz sample rate) baseband output, or upconvert a 25 MHz (30 MHz optional) bandwidth signal to RF
  • Wide RF coverage: HF through UHF Bands up to 3 GHz
  • Deep Memory: 4 GBytes signal memory, for up to 50 seconds storage and playback of a 25 MHz bandwidth signal waveform
  • Create complex simulated signals using SignalWorks® SignalGen application - or use your own application
  • Capture snapshots directly off-the-air, then play them back at any RF up to 3 GHz
  • Powerful signal capture and analysis capability is included
  • Portable, housed in carry-on sized transit case

The Vireo™ arbitrary waveform RF signal generator represents the pinnacle in capability for complex signal synthesis in the HF through UHF bands offering unparalleled 4 GBytes memory depth for extremely long duration wideband waveform playback. The Vireo™ provides baseband playback capability up to 100 MHz bandwidth with a 210 MHz max. sampling rate. The baseband playback is coupled into a HF/VHF/UHF upconverter that translates the entire 25 or 30 MHz signal bandwidth to any HF through UHF frequency up to 3 GHz. This playback capability is a direct digital waveform playback of up to 50 seconds of stored wideband digital signal.

In addition to the waveform playback capability, the Vireo™ system offers a full-featured signal collection and analysis capability. Accepting the IF from any communications receiver, the Vireo™ system has all of the collection and analysis capabilities of our popular Phoenix™ signal analysis sytem, including the SignalWorks® suite of the signal analysis applications.

The Vireo™ system is unique in its ability to collect signals off the air, then play them back as they were recorded, modified at RF, or using the SignalGen application in SignalWorks® to create your own modulated waveform: PSK, FSK, QAM, you name it, and SignalGen will synthesize it. The Vireo™ system includes an integrated rugged laptop computer for turn-key operation out of the box.

All this, housed in a rugged, lightweight, portable case. The Vireo™ system can be powered by any worldwide AC supply or by a battery pack - perfect for field verification of systems to give a quick GO/NO-GO mission decision.


  • Simulate or capture four complete TV channels - 50 seconds long!
  • Capture an entire WiFi channel packet stream - beacons, data, everything - and play it back.
  • Simulate an entire FHSS band, including signals, interference, interferers, even noise.
  • Capture the entire FM broadcast band and play it back.
  • Play back captured signal to test acquisition, detection and recognition systems in their actual environments.


  • Reconnaissance System Test - Program the system to generate any signal, then test the performance of detection/recognition systems against that signal.
  • Jamming / Spoofing - With the addition of a power amplifier and high gain antenna, the Vireo system makes a very powerful targeted jammer or spoofer.
  • Training - Use simulated or actual off-the-air collections for totally realistic training scenarios.

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