About Us

TriaSys Technologies is a leader in Communications Collection and Signal Processing Solutions.

Founded in 1999, and based on SIGINT technologies from the Communications Technologies Center of M/A-COM, Inc., TriaSys is headquartered in Billerica, MA.

TriaSys Technologies provides software, systems and services for use in the communications monitoring and signal processing markets. We specialize in providing solutions, which take signals from the sensor to the analyst, aiding the warfighter by reducing the amount of equipment necessary for effective signal collection and processing.

Our novel signal processing capabilities are used in software and systems for the analysis and processing of all forms of analog and digital communications signals.

Our suite of off-the-shelf signal collection servers and software-based demodulator products are used by both our domestic and international customers and serve as a basis for many effective signal collection and processing systems.

Our portable RF signal processing solutions (RForce) work in the HF/VHF/UHF range and are designed for exploitation of both traditional radio signals as well as modern cellular communications. These products provide the warfighter with real-time actionable signal intelligence.